It very well could be, if a proposed industrial solar array that is currently working its way through the Napa County planning process is approved. The proposed “Palm Drive Solar Project”, located at 10 Palm Drive at the Huss Ranch, would be situated in the very heart of a residential and agricultural neighborhood. This 11.5-acre industrial solar project would incorporate over 7,500 solar module panels, high voltage power lines, large transformer stations and be surrounded by eight-foot barbed wire fencing. The entire hillside would be dominated, forever changing the environment and the scenic, bucolic views of the Coombsville area.

This could be your new backyard view

For the many unfortunate neighbors that live along 1st Avenue and front the proposed project, this would be their backyard view.

  • Approval of this project could lead to even more projects of similar type and scope, which would create a patchwork of industrial projects in Napa’s predominantly agricultural region.
  • Dozens of mature Blue and Coastal Live Oak will be removed to make room for this industrial-sized project. Trees of this age and magnitude could not be replaced for over one hundred years.
  • This project will destroy the bucolic and pastoral views for the entire area and have a major impact on the local environment.
  • Solar projects of this size and scope are not appropriate when placed on large hillsides in a mountainous region such as Napa Valley. It is impossible to buffer the view with any kind of natural vegetation and acres of plastic panels can be seen from miles away.
  • The magnitude of this project is outside of the scope of the Napa County Planning Codes. Considering the inappropriate proposed location, an Environmental Impact Report, by a professional, third party agency should be recommended.

This is the actual plan for the project. As you can see, it blankets half of the entire property, eliminating dozens of oak trees and forever destroying the natural bucolic essence of the neighborhood.

Please join Napa Residents for Smart Planning and voice your opposition to this ill-conceived, out-of-scale and improperly located project. The future of our neighborhoods and hills may depend on it. Please direct your comments to: click -> Vince Smith or, click -> Belia Ramos